A Quilt for Baby Samuel

A Quilt for Baby Samuel

Here’s another older finish that I thought I’d show you all. Trying to show some of my COVID makes to catch up a bit.

Remember when I showed you the Wedding Quilt Modern Bliss in Blue? And remember how I told you about how this amazing couple had “many new and exciting things have happened for them since that quilt was gifted…..spoiler alert….I’ll get around to showing you their baby quilt from a few year’s ago soon!”? No? Oh Look! A convenient link to that article right here!

But anyway, here is the Baby Quilt for my wonderful cousin Jonathan and his fantastic wife Amy and their adorable baby, Samuel.

To cut the Hexagons and Triangles, I used my AccuQuilt cutter. I used the 4.5″ Hexagon (this means the length of each of the five sides are 4.5″) and the 4.5″ equilateral triangle die (again, this means each side of the triangle is 4.5″). Using these dies gave me accurate shapes, and although I could cut these using a ruler, I have the AccuQuilt, so I utilized it.

Although this seems like it has Y-seams, in fact, it does not!! (I know, seriously.) When laying out this design, your goal is to make rows. First, you place the hexagon on a flat side, so that the hexagon itself makes the top and bottom of the row. Then you stitch a triangle to the bottom left side of the hexagon and the top right of the hexagon to make one block unit, shown below. Once you do that, you can continue adding more block units until you get the row length you desire. No Y-Seams!!!

I pieced the back to use up some scraps and add a little fun…..plus the Width of Fabric was just shy of wide enough to fit, so a cute row of fabrics was just enough to do the trick!!! This fabric was the cutest. Below you’ll see a close up of some of the fabrics. They were all nautical themed as my cousins live near the Coast.

One more fun fact of this quilt: This is the first time I’ve done it, but I have and will continue this tradition if possible, I added one piece of fabric to the baby quilt from the parent’s wedding quilt. Can you find it??

A Quilt for Samuel

Did you find it? The hidden piece from their Wedding Quilt? Yup, it’s the dark blue fabric in the third row from the bottom. I even threw a different colored tie in that fabric to make it stand out. Love this tradition!!!

Here’s the details on A Quilt for Samuel

Title: A Quilt for Samuel
Pattern:  A Quilt for Samuel is made from the pattern “GO! Island Star Quilt Pattern” from AccuQuilt, although I adjusted the size and layout
Size: Baby, finished ~45″ x 60″
Fabric: From the stash!
Piecing: Machine stitched on Betsy, the Bernina 560 and Mavis, the Bernina 770
Cutting: AccuQuilt, using 4.5″ Hexagon and 4.5″Equilateral Triangle dies
Quilting: Tied with Takhi Cotton Classic, 100% cotton yarn purchased at Cornwall Yarn Shop
Backing: pieced
Label: Hand Embroidered by Anne Lemin of Quilted Lovelies, hand stitched by Danika to attach to quilt
Batting: Warm and Natural, by The Warm Company
Finished Date: August 2021
Total Hours: ~42.5 hours