Custom Foundation Paper Piecing

Yes, Bookerworx makes Custom Foundation Paper Piece Blocks!!

Now before you go asking me what my prices are and how I do it, let me just give you a few details.

I can only make FPP blocks out of an image that you yourself took, an image that is stock and free of any copyright issues or something that was created for you by another artist with their written permission for me to use it. I’m sorry, I will not make custom FPP of any copyright characters, fandoms, etc.

Besides just size, another thing to think about is detail. If you want something extremely detailed, it is going to cost you more….and also take you a lot more time to make it.

Generally, I charge between ten and forty cents per square inch based on intricacy, delivery time and whether it is exclusive or can be put on my site for sale. So, a 12″x12″ block will start around $14.40.

I give you all rights and permissions to use my custom FPP, even for sale items, but ask that you don’t sell or share the paper patterns themselves. Credit for the work on a finished product is nice, but not necessary. Just please don’t sell my Papers…or put them online for the world to see.

Also, when you order from me, please let me know the largest format of printer paper you have access to. I can make your FPP fit onto 11×14 paper if you have a printer that prints that size, etc.

Thanks so much!