Custom Made

At Bookerworx, we know that everyone is being careful when it comes to spending money. Is someone getting married? Is there a baby on the way? Are you starting a new business or revamping an old one? Do you have a Special Event coming up? These things don’t stop with a bad economy and there is nothing better than giving a meaningful, one of a kind gift.

Heirloom quality quilts are proof that the simple things in life are what people appreciate. Next time you have an important event, show them you care enough to give them a gift that they can cherish, that will be able to be handed down for generations, and will be a conversation piece forever.

At Bookerworx, we will work with you to design a quilt made for you and your loved ones. We can match your decor, your wall color, your dog, your cat, your hobby, your….you get the point. Contact us today!

We also specialize in Custom Paper work. Custom Logo Design and Business Card printing, labels and stickers for small businesses, Hand painted Logo Signs, Custom Event Invitations and many other Paper Art. Bookerworx loves Fiber of all types!!

Custom Made Order Pricing at Bookerworx is very flexible and is based on each individual project and commission. Give a call or drop an email and we will discuss you’re individual needs. Bookerworx offers free estimates for any of your design needs.

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