Storm King Quilts of Valor

Storm King Quilts of Valor

Storm King Quilts of Valor is the newest addition to Bookerworx! Together with my husband, James, we have started a chapter of the Quilts of Valor Foundation right here in the Hudson Valley, New York.

“The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.”

For more information about the Quilts of Valor Foundation or to request a Quilt of Valor, please check out their website

Storm King Quilts of Valor is the newest addition to Bookerworx, a company run by Danika Norey McCann that specializes in custom quilts and sewing & quilting instruction.
The Quilts of Valor Foundation is something that I really wanted to get involved in, but when doing some research, found there was really no groups nearby to me in the Hudson Valley. When I complained to my husband, James, about that, he said what I was thinking…. “What do we need to do to start a local chapter here?”
A little research told us that we needed two people to get a Group started…So that’s exactly what we did.

Bookerworx will be offering FREE instruction to any and all people who would like to help create Quilts of Valor with us. We will be starting up classes after the Holiday Season in January…Location and days of meeting to be determined. If you are interested, please email us directly at [email protected], so that we can start planning for materials, etc. This instruction will be sorted into groups of sewing ability. We will be instructing everyone with all levels of ability from “What’s a Quilt?” to “I haven’t even taken the sewing machine out of the box yet” to “I just need a quick refresher in how to make perfect points.” In your email, please include your name and contact info and your sewing ability.

We are accepting memberships at this time to the Quilts of Valor Foundation through our Group. It is, however, NOT REQUIRED to join us in helping. If you would like to be a member, please email us at [email protected], and let us know your name, address, phone number and email address. The cost is $5 for the year and will get you a lapel pin and a membership card. Once you’re enrolled, QOVF will send you your membership merchandise in a few weeks.


Quilt Requirements

Procedures for making Quilts of Valor are as follows:
  • Fabric used should be high quality 100% “shirt-weight” or “quilt-weight” cotton fabric appropriate for adults.
  • While Quilts of Valor do not have to be red, white, and blue, most recipients, given a choice, choose quilts that are patriotic in theme.
  • Patterns and blocks can be of any design suitable for a patriotic theme.
  • Use of military-branch-specific fabrics (Army, Navy, etc.) or non-“patriotic” fabric (overly floral), unless the recipient is known in advance, may create difficulty in identifying a recipient.
  • A Quilt of Valor is to be large enough to cover an average-sized adult, with an ideal size approximately 60” x 80.” Finished size can be no smaller than 55” x 65” and no larger than 72” x 90.”
  • A Quilt of Valor consists of a top, batting, and backing, and must be machine quilted or hand quilted. A tied quilt is not acceptable for a Quilt of Valor.
  • Batting should be quality, low-loft batting. Quilting should be appropriate for the quilt and not overly dense, which can reduce the loft of the quilt.
  • Binding strips should be joined with diagonal seams. Binding should be double-fold (“French fold”), attached by machine, and finished by hand or machine.
  • A Quilt of Valor must be labeled as such:
    • Must have the words Quilt of Valor
    • May be purchased ( or your local quilt shop)
    • May be your own design (hand-written in permanent ink, embroidered, pieced, computer printed, screen printed)
    • Must include space for name of recipient
    • Must have names of top maker, quilter, and binder (can include first and last names, city, and state)
    • Cannot include religious or political message (possible exception if recipient is well known)
    • May include date and location of award
    • May include washing instructions (cold water, mild detergent, “color catcher,” dry on low heat.)
  • A Quilt of Valor may be awarded in a presentation case, though a presentation case is not required. QOVs must have a presentation case when going to overseas facilities, to continuing destinations, or if requested.  Information about making a presentation case is in the “QOV Construction Quick Reference Guide” in the Appendices section of the Policies &Procedures manual.
  • Before awarding, a Quilt of Valor must be machine laundered (gently, using mild detergent) so any bleeding of fabric dyes has occurred prior to awarding, and because some facilities where quilts are awarded require pre-laundering. Use of a “color catcher” that attracts loose dye during washing is recommended.
  • A note, card, letter, or journal documenting the creation of a Quilt of Valor may be presented to the recipient along with the quilt.

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